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Turning data into dollars with HiSITE Analytics

HiSITE brings you a clearer view of your business through advanced property analytics, provided in a simple, easy to use dashboard. Allowing you to make smart business decisions based on facts not guesses.

Hotel business intelligence data
helping you track for success

Stay on top of your competitors with property insights from HiSITE Analytics.

HiSITE Analytics provides your property with a central place to access data, giving you control and the foresight to optimise your pricing and distribution. Work smarter, not harder, access your real-time data and make insightful decisions to help your business dominate in your local market.

Data you can trust in one easily accessible place, from any device.

Make smarter pricing and distribution decisions with real-time analytics.

Monitor trends against your competition and identify different pricing strategies.

Outsmart your competition. HiSITE Property Analytics will monitor your neighbours’ occupancy, RevPar, pickup and cancellation rates. Giving you valuable business intelligence and a strong foundation for your ongoing rate strategy.

Property Analytics is key to your marketing strategy, building customer loyalty and enhancing productivity. It enables you to introduce better hotel pricing strategies and reduce your costs.

Increase occupancy, fill rooms in quieter periods and maximise your revenue potential during busy times. Hotel business intelligence tools let you see at a glance how you are performing, today, tomorrow, last week and forecasting for next year.

Data is incredibly valuable to any accommodation business. Knowing your property RevPAR (Revenue per available room) will allow you to accurately forecast occupancy and price your rooms accordingly.

Track your property's performance

Our property analytics tools will turn your data into actionable insights and key performance indicators, helping you to make informed decisions for future trends – from occupancy rates to revenue.

How best to use your data?


During quiet periods you can use your past-guest data and send them an enticing offer to stay again. As it’s to a Closed User Group (CUG), your offer can be as sharp as you want it to be, as it’s not advertised publicly on other distribution channels.

Guest Experience

Use your data to find out personalised information about your guests to improve their experience with you. Are they a red wine drinker? Include a voucher for a glass of red for them on check-in. have you noticed that they always book an entry-level mountain view room? Upgrade them to the next room type FOC as a value add. Create specialised offers to appeal to them specifically, and in turn encourage them to book direct.


Use your data to see the location your guests are coming from to maximise your marketing spend. Are most of your guests coming to you from a drive-market – within 1-3 hours’ drive? Then stop wasting money on interstate or international advertising, and instead focus on building your base business by increasing your marketing spend in this area.

Maximise Revenue with Trends

Accurate forecasting requires a strong foundation in historical data. Forecasting is not only important for setting up your rates but it is also used for budgeting purposes in any accommodation business. Being able to predict trends within your business will give you a strategic edge over your competition.

Any Device

No matter what device you like to work with, whether it be a phone, tablet or computer. HiSITE Analytics is fully responsive and will automatically adjust to suit the required size for ease of use.

Use your Guest Data for Smart Marketing

When it comes to hotel or accommodation management, the most important item after revenue is data. In this current day and age this might not be surprising, but are you using your data to maximise occupancy, increase revenue and improve your guest experience? 

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