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Expedia Group offers insights into what travelers value

As a part of our Preferred partnership with Expedia Group, we are excited to share a new research study that explores the values and preferences of 8,000 travelers in eight countries. Our goal is to surface data insights that can help you adapt to the new world of travel and stay competitive. The Traveler Value …

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Filling vacancies made easier with HiSITE Channel Manager

Connect to the world’s most prominent online booking channels today.

What To Look For In The Best Channel Manager For AirBnb


Whether you’re managing apartment style vacation rentals, holiday homes, hostels or bed and breakfast accommodation, you are most likely either already using or have considered the benefits of listing your accommodation on

A Quick Guide To Channel Management In The Hotel Industry


While driving direct bookings via your website are a fantastic, cost effective method of selling your rooms and managing your inventory, there are very few hotels in the world, if any, who can afford to rely on direct bookings

3 Essential Tools To Transform Your Vacation Rental Management Business


Vacation rentals are a booming sector in the industry at the moment. Whether you are new to property management and renting out a single room or a seasoned expert running multiple holiday rentals, there are a number of essential vacation rental management

HiSITE Front Desk App Q&A with Natasha James


With the recent release of the accommodation industry’s game-changing new product, HiSITE Front Desk mobile app, we sat down with the General Manager, Natasha James, to get an insight into exactly how this new product can change your business

How To Setup Your Google Hotel Feed


Google Hotel ads is fast becoming the booking channel of choice for consumers, particularly in the era of travel uncertainty brought about by COVID-19. Now more than ever, travellers want to be able to deal directly with accommodation providers wherever

How To Spot A Phishing Email


Phishing emails are fast becoming one of the most frequent and easily-carried out cyber crimes. Unfortunately as these types of scams become more sophisticated, more and more people are falling victim. Even worse, if you find yourself accidentally clicking on

Increasing Revenue in the 5 stages of travel.


Increasing revenue for accommodation managers and marketers, next to guest experience, is a key focus, even more so in the current climate. So, what are the five stages of travel, and how exactly can you maximise each stage to increase