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HiSITE Channel Manager

Expedia Group offers insights into what travelers value

As a part of our Preferred partnership with Expedia Group, we are excited to share a new research study that explores the values and preferences of 8,000 travelers in eight countries. Our goal is to surface data insights that can help you adapt to the new world of travel and stay competitive.

The Traveler Value Index, was conducted in April & May 2021 in collaboration with Wakefield Research and examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on traveler decisions and what people value when booking travel in this new reality.

The research surveyed 8,000 respondents in eight major markets on their current outlook towards travel. From price and flexibility to sustainability and inclusion – the insights reveal evident traction of certain values gaining importance with potential travelers, with some directly related to the pandemic while others from a desire to see a better world re-emerge from the crisis.

We hope this research helps you adapt to these new traveler preferences and enables you to capture post pandemic demand.

Travel is a top priority

  • More than a third of travelers would swap a salary increase for more vacation days
  • 1 in 5 travelers expect travel to be the thing they spend the most on in 2021
  • More than a third of travelers have larger travel budgets now compared to 2020
  • Half of travelers plan to board a plane in the next 12 months

1Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States

Key insights from the report

  • Nearly ¾ of travelers are comfortable with the concept of a vaccine passport, and enhanced cleanliness continues to be a top priority for travelers when considering a property.
  • #1 value to travelers is the ability to get a refund if their plans change, this was especially important for younger travelers and travelers with children.
  • More than half of travelers want to trust that a provider will deliver on promises in their listing.
  • 65% of travelers are more likely to book with travel providers that identify their practices as inclusive, and 59% are willing to spend more to make their trip more sustainable.

Take action in HiSITE Channel Manager 

  • Clearly communicate your cancellation policies and cleanliness measures to ease traveler anxieties.
    • Update your rate policies to allow for refundable rates in HiSITE.
    • Clarify your cleaning practices on your listings. Go to HiSITE and ensure you’ve completed the cleaning details section.
  • Keep your property photos and amenities up to date on your listing to ensure you can deliver on traveler expectations.
  • Consider highlighting your commitment to social values in your marketing and on your listing descriptions to build connections with potential travelers.
  • Offer a range of prices and consider setting Members Only Deals or other promotions to attract high-value travelers to your property.
    • Create promotional offers to help attract travelers looking for a great price.

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