HiSITE Front Desk App Q&A with Natasha James - HiSITE Channel Manager

HiSITE Channel Manager

HiSITE Front Desk App Q&A with Natasha James

Q&A with Natasha James, HiSITE Channel Manager, General Manager
With the recent release of the accommodation industry’s game-changing new product, HiSITE Front Desk mobile app, we sat down with the General Manager, Natasha James, to get an insight into exactly how this new product can change your business today.

What is HiSITE Front Desk?
HiSITE Front Desk mobile app is a first of its kind for the accommodation industry. It is a tool that can be installed on any mobile device and can manage all accommodation segments including B&Bs, motels, large vacation rental companies, hotels and resorts. It’s intuitive and easy to use, giving accommodation managers and their staff the ability to be mobile and efficient.

How did it come about?
During the COVID pandemic, we witnessed a lot of stress in property managers, from having to put staff off, to becoming a Jack Of All Trades, cleaning the pools, rooms, changing lights and more. We noticed one thing that was missing was the flexibility of being able to manage their bookings from the palm of their hand. After much industry research, we discovered that there wasn’t anything in the industry like this, that allowed property managers the freedom to run the daily functionalities of their Property Management System (PMS) whilst maintaining the everyday tasks to keep their business running. It’s important managers never miss a booking opportunity which was happening by having to stop what they were doing and go back to the office to insert the booking, when they could be doing this all from the palm of their hands, wherever they were. Using the app they can drop the booking into the PMS, meaning inventory and updates to their channel manager are in real-time. It is all about working smarter, not harder.

There are similar tools, but nothing like the HiSITE Front Desk App that enables you to run your core business on the go, no matter your accommodation segment.

With the current situation we are facing today with COVID, it was important to keep this in mind and allow managers and their teams to be flexible with the guest booking data, housekeeping and check-in/outs. HiSITE’s open API has the ability to connect to any PMS, and this application then allows users to run a safer, faster, and more profitable business.

Can it connect to any PMS?
Yes, absolutely! Through our open API, we developed the application with the ability to connect to any Property Management System (PMS) in real-time. Performing an action in the Front Desk app will be like you’re clicking on an icon or feature within the PMS on your computer. It happens within the blink of an eye!

What are the apps main features and benefits?
HiSITE Front Desk features include real-time bookings, the ability to check-in and out your guests, update guest details, plus housekeepers can mark a room as clean, all on the go.

You can also contact your owners or suppliers/contractors, view in-house guests and offer personalised communication, all from within the app.

Can the app check guests in and out?
It sure can. We understand that the hotelier/property manager landscape has changed and that you’re no longer desk-bound. HiSITE Front Desk is designed to allow you to check your guests in & out, on the go from anywhere.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use the app?
Yes, just like any other mobile application such as Facebook, Twitter etc. for the real-time connectivity to work, the app simply needs to be connected to either WIFI or mobile data to talk to your Property Management System (PMS).

What device type does it work on?
Our team of in-house engineers developed HiSITE Front Desk mobile app to allow the application to work across all mobile or tablet devices, on Android and iOS.

How many users can I have?
Unlimited! Plus, there is no fee for extra users. You can let as many, or as few, staff as you like, have access. For example, you could have your housekeeping team marking rooms as clean as they go, and the reception team see this on the Front Desk app and PMS in real-time.

Who does it connect to?
With the HiSITE open API, it has the ability to connect to any PMS provider. You do not have to use HiSITE Channel Manager to access the HiSITE Front Desk App, it is a standalone product. Speak to your PMS provider if they aren’t already connected and don’t be the last to connect!

How do I get it?
Speak to our HiSITE team today for more information.