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Help attract frequent travellers with Expedia Group Members Only promotions.

Help attract frequent travelers with Expedia Group Members Only promotions.

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Expedia Group member travellers tend to spend more, stay longer, and book more often than non-members. You can target these high-value guests by using Members Only promotions. Members Only promotions offer exclusive deals to over 100 million members across all Expedia Group sites.

Recent Expedia Group research tells us that discounts remain a compelling motivator for travellers looking to book, and they play an important role in fueling the return to travel.

  • 65% of travellers said they use a pricing filter when searching on a travel booking website.*
  • A room discount would make 50% of travellers more likely to book an extra night.*
  • 30% of travellers considering their first trip after the global pandemic will consider promotions and discounts when choosing their lodging options.*

While travellers are searching for discounts, it is more important than ever to design a promotional strategy that delivers a strong return on your investment. Using a Members Only promotion is a great strategy to target your promotional offer to the best possible audience and improve your visibility in search.

Target high-value guests:
Expedia Group members, on average, book twice as many nights and spend twice as much as non-members. They are also more frequent travellers. Over 60% of travellers in Expedia Group loyalty programs stated that they expect to travel several times a year.  

Stand out in search results:
Each Members Only promotion receives an exclusive badge that helps you stand out in traveller searches. The Members Only badge adds additional visibility to your listing among your competitors in traveller searches. 

Ready to get started?
It is easy to manage Expedia Group Members Only promotions directly in your software. To find out more, contact a member from our HiSITE Support team who can ensure you’re set up on Expedia EPS and can help guide you through managing your promotions.

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*Source: Expedia Group, What travellers want in 2021