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How To Setup Your Google Hotel Feed

Google Hotel ads is fast becoming the booking channel of choice for consumers, particularly in the era of travel uncertainty brought about by COVID-19. Now more than ever, travellers want to be able to deal directly with accommodation providers wherever possible. The Google hotels platform delivers a degree of transparency and security for the nervous consumer. Setting up a Google hotel feed has never been easier and it enables you to have your property displayed on Google search, Google maps and Google assistant.

How Does Google Hotel Ads Work?

Essentially, Google Hotel Ads is a metasearch engine that aggregates listings from across the internet including from OTAs. Potential guests can check availability, room rates, explore your property and make a booking.

The paid results, including those of the OTAs, are listed at the top of the page. However, if you have a connectivity partner such as HiSITE to setup your Google hotel feed, your website direct booking link will appear on your listing as the ‘Official Site’. And that ‘direct to property’ link is extremely valuable, appealing and reassuring to potential guests and makes your listing stand out from the rest. It’s a seamless process and conversion is high.

What Are the Benefits Of A Google Hotel Feed?

Customers booking via Google Hotels essentially are booking with you directly.

  • They book on your terms and conditions
  • You receive all their contact details at the time of booking, enabling you to engage with them directly, rather than through a third party
  • The two of you get to build that relationship from the very first moment, making it far easier to work out a solution that suits everyone if a snap lockdown ruins everyone’s plans
  • You also have the opportunity to upsell your products and services very simply and keep the guest in the loop with any local activities.
  • The best part is, you only pay the one-time success fee if the guest stays, otherwise it’s prime position advertising FREE OF CHARGE!

Google hotels gives you the opportunity to display your own property’s website or booking engine on Google platforms and compete more directly with the OTA’s much more cost effectively. If your guest books directly with you, not only do you save OTA commission fees but you retain ownership of your guest’s data to enable you to continue marketing to them.

How Do You Set Up A Feed?

The data formatting requirements in the Google hotel data feed mean that, for many property owners, setting up a campaign appears complicated. Manually uploading this information can lead to data issues if it’s not formatted correctly. It is for this reason that Google recommends working with one of its select network of integration partners, like HiSITE to help you get started.

Watching the conversion on Google Hotels grow by more than 500% since January, it is clear that this is the place to be if you want to benefit from no risk, no upfront cost and more direct bookings.

If greater profitability in your business drives you, then don’t delay and call us today so that you too can be an early adopter of the change that is happening right now.

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