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HiSITE Channel Manager

Introducing new advanced reporting features in HiSITE Channel Manager!

If you are wanting to better understand your business and make decisions based on facts, not guesswork, then look no further than HiSITE’s new reporting features. We take the guesswork out of running your business and arm you with the tools to help you become more profitable. Our powerful new features help you to:

  • Track and compare room sales for this year based on the sales for the same period last year with HiSITE Channel Manager’s new PACE OF BOOKINGS REPORT.
  • Understand where your customers are coming from with HiSITE Channel Manager’s POSTCODES REPORT enabling you to track where your customers are booking from no matter where in the world they come from.
  • Gain insights into your CANCELLATION DATA across your Channel and Year on Year Reports allowing you to better understand periods, and specific Channels that have a greater cancellation percentage.
  • CUSTOMISE your findings visually across every Report within HiSITE Channel Manager. Whether you want to see how your Channel Statics are looking via Total Night, Booking Revenue or Total Number of Bookings, this is all completely customizable so you can see what is important to you.

Want to learn even more?

Firstly, to find our new features you must head to the reporting section within HiSITE Channel Manager. To do this simply log in, select Reporting from your top tab, then click reports. From here you can use the drop-down list labelled ‘Report Type’ on the left-hand side to choose what report you want to see.

  • Pace of Bookings

The Pace of Booking Report allows you to track and compare the room sales for this year to the sales you secured for the same period last year. Within the brackets, you can see the average +/- deviation which allows you to clearly identify strong performing periods and those periods that have opportunities. The graph allows you to identify when your sales are ahead or behind and whether certain campaigns are successful for your property.

If you choose to view your data via a specific date range, you can see the Pace of Booking Performance via either the ‘date created’ or the ‘date stayed’. This enables you to keep a close eye on your future performance and how you are tracking in comparison to the same period in the previous year.

HiSITE Pace Of Booking Report
  • Postcodes

The Postcodes Report in HiSITE Channel Manager allows you to identify where you are receiving bookings from during a selected period. It will enable you to see where you receive a high number of bookings and revenue and where you may receive a larger number of cancellations. This report enables you to search all postcodes or specifically choose to see just your overseas or Australian reservations enabling you to market to segments that regularly visit your region.

HiSITE Channel Manager Postcode Report
  • Insights into Your Cancellation Data

Across your Channel and Year on Year Reports in HiSITE Channel Manager, we now provide you with the cancellation data (note brackets in red). They highlight potential bookings/revenue that your property has missed out on. This allows you to identify Periods and specific Channels that have a greater cancellation percentage.

Cancellation Data in HS Report
  • Customise Your Reporting Graph

On every HiSITE Report, you can scroll down the page to see your data displayed in a graph. These are now completely customisable via the drop-down tab, enabling you to see the data you want more visually. We specifically like this feature in both the ‘Year on Year’ and ‘Pace of Booking’ Performance Reports. As you can compare your data from the previous year based on how you want to see the comparison, such as via revenue or the total number of bookings. 

Contact the friendly team at HISITE today to learn more about the reporting features within your Channel Manager.