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example of booking engine software from HiSITE

Drive more direct bookings to maximise your revenue

Industry-leading booking engine software for the hospitality industry.

HiSITE’s leading online accommodation booking system and hospitality software will help you generate more direct bookings, with guests able to book with you directly, on your own fully responsive booking engine. Our solution integrates seamlessly with our Channel Manager Software and Front Desk Property Management Software.

example of booking engine software from HiSITE

Increase your visibility to reach new guests

Fully responsive hospitality reservation software, so your guests can book from phone, tablet or laptop; anytime, anywhere!

Just three clicks from 'looking to booking', improving the customer experience. Increase your return with a higher rate of conversion.

Connect your Booking Engine to Google Hotels and increase the number of direct bookings through your website.

Increase Revenue

Increase the volume of direct bookings to your website, saving you Online Travel Agent commissions.

Own the guest

Customers booking with you directly allow you to collect and use their data. By utilising your guest’s data effectively you can improve the customer’s experience and retarget them in future marketing campaigns.

Rate Comparison Tool

Rate comparison tool allows you to display your rates along side the OTA sites so guests don’t need to browse different OTAs, and then check the hotel website for a direct offer.

Intuitive pricing

Intuitive Pricing allows you to set rules to ensure your rooms are always listed at the best price, without you even having to log in. Adjusting rates and closing out channels based on your preferences.

Easy to maintain
websites for hoteliers

Take control of your website. Change the content, advertise promotions and specials to drive bookings around low periods, add or remove pages and update your branding at any time without relying on a costly web designer! HiSITE’s web design services deliver conversion optimised websites built using the world’s most popular content management system (CMS).

Real-time connectivity to any Property Management System that is integrated to HiSITE Channel Manager

HiSITE automatically reads the information directly from any Property Management System that is integrated to HiSITE Channel Manager. When a booking is made, HiSITE automatically updates and pushes the availability from the PMS.

With our seamless integration between tools, bookings are immediately and automatically dropped in to any Property Management System without you needing to lift a finger.

In today’s online environment, prospective guests expect immediate access to make bookings, and with HiSITE they get real-time connectivity!

Intuitive Pricing

Intuitive Pricing automatically moderates your pricing without you needing to lift a finger.

Our industry-leading in-built yield solution will adjust your pricing in line with demand, ensuring your rates are optimised, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Intuitive Pricing software gives you the ability to automatically close or open selected channels as availability decreases or increases, adjusting rates accordingly.

Essentially, it acts as your Revenue Manager when you close for the evening.

Not yet using Intuitive Pricing? Your business is potentially missing out on easy extra revenue.

Any Device

No matter what device your prospective guest uses to book, whether it be a phone, tablet or computer, our fully responsive booking system will automatically adjust to suit the required size for ease of use.

Don't just take our word for it…

“The software is very simple and it is easy to manage.
During busy times we would save a half a day’s work for a staff
member. This helps us to improve customer service to our guests
and even save a little in wages”

Geoff, Ivory Palms Resort