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HiSITE Channel Manager is brought to you by a team made up of industry experts that have been developing innovative, market-leading property management software in Australia for over 25 years and helping a wide range of businesses maximise their online exposure and optimise revenue potential. With a team of industry experts including software developers, Australian-based support and training, website designers, marketing specialists and sales professionals, we know what works and you can trust HiSITE to help take your business to another level.

Yes, it absolutely can. We already integrate with several PMS providers, our seamless two-way integration can be adapted to any solution, whether it is a PMS or third party product. If you would like to know more about or obtain our open API, please connect with us at [email protected].

It is really simple! Please refer to our blog post on Google Hotel Finder to learn more and let us know when you’re ready to connect.

Currently, we connect to all leading online travel agents, with more connections happening monthly. If you’re an Online Agent and would like to connect, please contact us. If there is an online agent you’d like us to connect to, please drop us a line and we will look into it. Head to our dedicated page to find out more about our connectivity partnerships.

HiSITE is suitable for all accommodation segment types and business sizes, from one property listing to 1,000; from hotels and resorts to caravan parks and marinas; real estate agencies to vacation rentals and B&Bs or snow chalets. We don’t expect businesses to fit into us, we tailor our software to work for your business. Browse our website to get a more detailed overview of all of our accommodation business solutions.

HiSITE offers cutting edge technology with two-way integration. In today’s market, we understand the importance of instant updates with real-time rate and room availability distribution. In the world of online bookings, you don’t have time to wait for intermittent updates and risk overbookings and unhappy customers. HiSITE keeps your business ahead of your competition. For this reason we don’t include iCal integration.

HiSITE’s in-built yield management tool helps you have full control over the fluctuation over your business or property inventory and rates, whilst maximising your booking revenue. The analytics dashboard helps you improve your business insights and performance and offers you insight into your competitors’ behaviour giving you a market advantage. As a channel manager, HiSITE is the gateway that opens the world of online bookings for your property to access. You’re connected to global Online Travel Agents (OTA), Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and Metasearch Channel powerhouses. These global companies have big budgets to advertise your region/property giving you extra exposure. Connecting to these channels distributes your room inventory on a global scale, increasing your visibility nationally and internationally. Being seen by more travellers means more bookings, resulting in more revenue and profit in your pocket. Explore all of HiSITE’s advanced features and benefits or enquire for a free demo.
Outside of our superior customer service and support, the HiSITE Channel Manager team understand that your business is genuinely our business. We constantly evolve and adapt our software to ensure you have tomorrow’s technology at your fingertips and you are getting more time back into your life. We are often the first to introduce new features and functionalities and recently were the first in Australia with a new channel connection. Outside of this, we’re one of the only Channel Managers to offer an in-built Image and Content Manager – allowing you to update all of your images, content and promotions from the one system, instead of having to log in and out of multiple 3rd party extranets.

We appreciate that business doesn’t always happen in an office or behind a desk anymore, so our mobile solution apps enable you to have your business on the road or with you in your pocket at all times. A property managers new best friend, our Apps will see you schedule, manage, and record maintenance jobs, undertake inspections, record, manage and store information regarding property assets and more. Our in-house developers are constantly working on our real-time speed pushing it to be even faster. Gone are the days of overcomplicated reports, our analytical dashboard (that also talks to PMS’s to provide an overview of your full booking distribution from direct to third-party) allows you to understand your market and make smarter business decisions to drive more revenue.

Is super easy, our dedicated team do all of the hard work for you and talk you through any parts that you need to do. All you do is say yes. Book your demo today to find out how easy.

Great question – outside of HiSITE Channel Manager, we also offer a Booking Engine, Reporting, Analytics, Mobile Solutions, PMS connectivity that supports all accommodation types, website design and marketing services as well as a marketplace for third-party tools like CRM systems, payment gateways, retargeting and data platforms.

Absolutely! HiRUM’s Intuitive Pricing means you can set incremental rate strategies according to demand. Rates can be varied by dollar amounts or percentage and are completely customisable. You set parameters around the rates you want and can sit back and relax whilst your availability is monitored and rates adjusted accordingly across all online booking channels, without you having to lift a finger.

We sure do. We have a fully responsive and easy to use booking system, making it easy for potential guests to book with you directly, using their phone, tablet or laptop. Our booking engine integrates seamlessly with our channel manager and property management software.

  • Price Comparison Tool so that it is clear that booking direct from your website offers the best deal
  • Use a tagline description and beautiful imagery for each property or room along with its associated real-time pricing
  • Easy on the eye, easy to navigate and a fast and simple booking experience for guests
  • Customisable to match the look and feel of your website
  • Just 3 Clicks from Look to Book, improving the customer experience
  • Optional Payment Gateway, including PayPal
  • HiSITE provides you with a fully responsive commission-free website booking system

And the best part? It can be completely branded to your business making a seamless user experience whilst you save money increase conversions and enjoy direct bookings.

HiSITE has options and pricing for all types and sizes of accommodation businesses. We can customise a solution to suit your needs and budget. Pricing options include a set monthly fee, packaged up with other products like a property management system or per room/property per month. Get in touch with our team today to start maximising your online booking potential.

A Channel Manager is software that allows you to maximise your property or properties online booking potential and seamlessly connect and manage your online room distribution to all leading channels such as OTA’s, GDS and Metasearch channels. Your property’s rates and availability are automatically updated in real-time, eliminating manual processes, minimising the risk of overbookings and saving you time and money.

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