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Add expertise to your marketing and have a seasoned accommodation marketer as a part of your team. We offer a comprehensive range of innovative hospitality marketing services. From web design to digital solutions along with traditional media and communications, to build brand awareness, promote direct traffic and revenue to your property. Designed for all property types, let an expert take the reins and steer your property through the world of online marketing.

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    Marketing Services

    Property Managers often mention they don’t have the time nor the expertise to adequately promote their property. In fact, accommodation and hotel marketing can seem like a minefield to many.

    HiSiTE’s Marketing services team will ensure you can get in front of potential travellers when they are most likely to book, helping you to convert ‘lookers’ to ‘bookers’.

    Our HiSITE Marketing professionals will assist you with increasing the visibility of your property in Google search results, enabling you to extend your marketing reach and attract additional traffic to your website.
    This initiative also helps drive engagement with your target audience via SEO, SEM, display advertising, social media and email marketing, ultimately generating brand awareness and increase your direct bookings!

    With the HiSITE's Marketing Services you will:

    Increase your
    visibility in search
    engine results

    Attract more people to
    your website, increasing
    direct bookings

    Drive traveller
    engagement with
    your property

    Optimise your
    reputation online

    The program includes:

    Management of
    Google My Business listing

    Management of Google My Business listing

    A Maintaining your Google My Business listing is imperative to ensure your property displays correctly and frequently in Google search results and Google Maps across all devices. With so much competition in the market, travellers are turning more and more to review sites to help in the decision-making process. Managing and respond to reviews in an appropriate and timely manner has never been more important to a business. At HiSITE we monitor these reviews for you and respond appropriately, ensuring your online reputation is optimised.

    Facebook and
    Instagram Page Management

    Facebook and Instagram Page Management

    A strong social media presence and can significantly boost your bottom line. Facebook is more than just pretty pictures, it is where your customers spend their time. Make sure you are where your customers are! The HiSITE team will develop a tailored, well-researched strategy for your business and create social media content that is designed to speak to your customers. We post your latest offers/deals and information on upcoming events in your local area, generating engagement with your target audience and increasing visitors to your site.



    Take control of your hotel website. Change the content, advertise promotions and specials to drive bookings around low periods, add or remove pages and update your branding at any time without relying on a web designer! HiSITE's web design services deliver mobile-optimised websites built using the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). From landing pages to multi-property websites, HiSITE's web team will help guide you to the perfect website for your busines.

    Reporting and Anayltics
    on Property Performance

    Reporting and Anayltics on Property Performance

    When running effective marketing campaigns, you need a clear view of the bigger picture. Detailed data analysis and the development of well-researched, in-depth strategies is one way to ensure success. Our quarterly reports provide you with the latest analytics on your HiSITE Marketing activities to help you understand how you are performing and identify any relevant trends regarding your property’s traffic.

    Review Management

    Online Review Management

    Did you know that 84% of travellers will not book accommodation at a property until they have read reviews from past guests? It is so critical to manage and respond to these in an appropriate and timely manner. At HiSITE we monitor these reviews for you and respond appropriately, ensuring your public reputation is optimised.

    Media Audits

    Website/Social Media Audits

    Conducting regular social media and website audits is a vital tool in staying current and ensuring you are across changing technology and algorithms. A social media audit creates a clear picture of your current social efforts and shows you the best way to improve results. A website audit is a full analysis of all the factors that affect a website's visibility in search engines. Focusing on speed and performance, internal linking and website best practice. Let the team at HiSITE help you to assess your business needs and point you in the right direction for success.

    SEO Optimised

    SEO Optimised Copywriting

    Standing out in the crowd in a sea of competition for keywords is no easy task, but our HiSITE team can help make it happen. We can create useful, compelling, and valuable content that targets specific keywords so to increases the authority and relevance of your content and improves its ranking in Google for the selected keywords. Let us show you how.

    Instagram and
    Facebook Ad Management

    Instagram and Facebook Ad Management

    For any business, Social Media Advertising can be a valuable tool. With the right approach, it can improve customer loyalty, build brand awareness, increase traffic to your website and improve conversion rates. Our social media marketing strategists work collaboratively with our clients to understand your business objectives and tailor social media campaigns around them. To find out how the HiSITE team can get you underway with Instagram and Facebook AD Manager, contact us today.

    SEO Reporting
    and Recommendations

    SEO Reporting and Recommendations

    Reporting has always been an integral part of SEO (search engine optimisation). A quality SEO report is vital to ensure that you can easily measure and compare your marketing activity success. SEO doesn’t just affect your presence on search engines, it affects your ENTIRE online presence. How your business is found, reviewed, and interacted with online is the single most important factor in your success. Let the team at HiSITE show you how to interpret your data and turn it into a usable strategy for future success.

    OTA Content

    OTA Content Management

    Having your hotel listings on multiple OTA channels like, Expedia, Agoda, etc is a must in today's competitive market. The HiSITE team will manage your online presence across multiple distribution channels and be responsible for implement best practices in line with the latest marketing and distribution trends.

    Metasearch Content

    Metasearch Content Management

    Effective metasearch management helps hoteliers drive revenue, attract new customers and achieve greater business exposure. By effectively managing the content within your metasearch network you can ensure consistency and accuracy across many of the biggest players in the hotel industry including Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor, HotelsCombined and Trivago. This will allow your business to grow and in turn, increase its profitability.

    Expedia Travel
    Ads Managements

    Expedia Travel Ads Managements

    Drive more room nights and revenue by reaching the right traveller at the right time. Our expert team will set up and manage the implication of your Expedia TravelAds. This hotel advertising platform is designed to connect your hotel with a highly engaged audience through sponsored listings on Expedia Group's websites. To find out more please contact us today.