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front desk app dispalyinng key features | HiSITE

HiSITE Front Desk App

The future of your business is in the
palm of your hands.

HiSITE Front Desk App is designed with real-time connectivity. Our front desk software is accessible via any device, from anywhere giving you greater freedom to run your business.

front desk app dispalyinng key features | HiSITE

HiSITE Front Desk App

Allowing properties to manage their business on the go, providing real-time connectivity for properties that are integrated with HiSITE Channel Manager. From making a booking to checking a guest out, the HiSITE Front Desk App allows businesses to become more flexible, freeing up time to focus on creating a memorable guest experience.

Check availability

See your room availability at a
glance and in real time.

Make bookings

Seamlessly make bookings on the go and from your mobile phone.


Streamline your everyday, manage arrivals, departures and in-house guests in one place.

Effortlessly check-in

Enjoy the freedom to manage your check-in effortlessly from anywhere, at any time, from the palm of your hand.

Contact details

Access owner or supplier contact details, then and there, saving time and improving efficiency.

Overdue guests

See overdue guests (both departures and arrivals), helping to manage rooms more effectively.

Streamline Housekeeping

Check whether a room is ready, or identify whether a particular room is occupied before entering, along with marking a room clean.

Pending bookings

Drop in pending bookings that have been made online directly into your PMS and in real-time.

Update Guests details

Update guests contact details on the App, cutting down on time and helping to improve the guest experience.

Property Management App

Never miss a booking opportunity, with HiSITE Front Desk, be alerted to clean unoccupied rooms instantly or simply be able to check-in or out a guest while on the go and in real-time. This is a Property Managers dream, no more being tied to the desk, improve your efficiency and spend more time with your guests.

HiSITE Front Desk app features include, real-time bookings, check-in and out your guests, update guests critical data on the go, mark a room clean, contact your owners or suppliers/contractors, view in-house customers and offer personal communication.


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