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HiSITE Channel Manager

It's never been easier for
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Whether you manage one holiday home or a 400+ room hotel, our channel management software
and tools can help you drive revenue, save you time and grow your business.
HiSITE, Channel Management made easy.

Holiday Homes & Vacation Rentals

HiSiTE's Holiday Homes and Vacation Rentals solution takes care of every aspect of your properties online visibility and distribution in the booking ecosystem. Perfect for if you have a single holiday home or hundreds - and anything in between, HiSITE, makes it easy for you to earn the extra income, without the extra effort. Manage content, images and promotions all in one spot and connection with the leading booking platforms seamlessly. We offer a solution for every size and type, our software makes it easy for you to manage your holiday home or vacation rental business more efficiently and profitably from the comfort of your own home.

Hotels & Resorts

Our powerful Hotel and Resort channel manager HiSITE, will maximise your online booking potential by connecting you to the entire booking ecosystem including Online Travel Agents (OTAs), Global Distribution Systems and Metasearch Channels. HiSITE's advanced connectivity saves precious time, allowing you to focus on enhancing the guest experience.


HiSITE provides apartment owners and managers with a complete end-to-end software solution. Connect to all the major OTAs and provide real-time booking information, increase revenue, reach and convert guests from all over the world without risking overbookings. Grow your business and increase efficiency so you can focus on what's really important, the guest experience.


Boost your revenue with HiSITE Channel Manager. Reach more people by seamlessly connecting to the major Online Travel Agents (OTAs), Global Distribution Systems and Metasearch Channels. Showcase your Motel on all the top-performing booking channels, manage your rooms and rates in real-time. HiSITE Channel Manager gives you more choice and exposure and will also drive direct bookings via your motel's website so you can own the guest data and reduce the commission you pay.

Bed & Breakfast

HiSITE'S bed & breakfast channel management solutions make it easy to secure reservations and reach more potential guests. Manage your B&B with ease, using one end-to-end solution to help you save time and money.

Holiday Parks & Campgrounds​

HiSITE's complete software solution will enable you to seamlessly manage and promote your Holiday Parks or Campgrounds in one place. Gain greater exposure to potential guests by distributing your availability across multiple booking channels, all on one centralised platform. Improve operational efficiency and save time with HiSITE.


With more and more farm stay properties vying for a slice of the travel industries business, now is the time to make sure your property is getting noticed. HiSITE Channel Manager maximises your online visibility and increases booking potential by connecting you to global distribution systems and metasearch channels. Enjoy real-time rates and availability, eliminate manual processes and eliminate the risk of overbookings. HiSITE gives you back time to focus more on the farm and the guests than the paperwork.


Streamline your Lodge business with HiSITE Channel Manager. Improve operational efficiency and profitability with the ability to connect with Online Travel Agents (OTAs), Global Distribution Systems and Metasearch Channels from around the world. HiSITE Channel Manager is a fully integrated distribution solution that will help grow your business with maximum reach and time-saving connectivity.

From a single house to a portfolio of hotels or collection of holiday homes, HiSITE Channel Manager has a solution for every property manager or owner. If your accommodation type isn’t listed or you’re not sure if HiSITE is a fit for your business, connect with one of the HiSITE team to chat more about how HiSITE can help your business.